Nov 26, 2018 to Nov 27, 2018

3rd Policy Forum on Natural Capital Accounting for Better Decision Making

Nov 26, 2018 to Nov 27, 2018
Paris - Place de la Bourse, Palais Brongniart (Room: Notre-Dame des Victoires)


Natural Capital Policy Forum opening session featuring from right to left: Raffaello Cervigni (WAVES), Allessandra Alfieri (UNSD),
Mark Gough (Natural Capital Coalition), Martin Lok (Government of the Netherlands), and Steve Bass (Moderator) (Photo: Joseph Confino)

Working together to improve decision making: Special insights on climate change and biodiversity

Three important international initiatives - each seeking to create enabling environments for better decision making by mainstreaming considerations of natural capital - have joined up to hold a combined meeting, known as Natural Capital Week 2018.

The Policy Forum on Natural Capital Accounting for Better Decision Making is a yearly forum providing countries, international agencies and interested stakeholders a space to discuss the use of the natural capital accounting (NCA) to support policies. The 2017 Forum highlighted the need for building collaboration with the private sector, which is making rapid progress in natural capital accounting and complementary approaches.

The Government Dialogue on Natural Capital provides a platform for governments to explore, understand and strengthen the role of governments and their interaction with the private sector in up-scaling and mainstreaming natural capital approaches. 

The Combining Forces Initiative focuses on building synergies between public and private approaches to natural capital with a view of generating trusted and credible information to inform decisions.

During the two-day meeting, participants will share knowledge and experiences to explore how NVA and complementary approaches can contribute to the two key global agendas of climate change and biodiversity. Participants will also focus on how to create an enabling environment for NCA and assessments, through communication, mainstreaming, and exploring how governments and businesses could benefit from collaborating and coordinating efforts in this space.

Read the proceedings and highlights of the 3rd Forum on Natural Capital Accounting for Better Policy Decisions and the feature story

Contributions to the 3rd Policy Forum:


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Day 1: Monday, November 26, 2018

8.30 am 


Tea and coffee

9.00 am -

10.30 am

Session 1. Welcome and opening 

Facilitator: Steve Bass


Opening remarks

  • Laurence Monnoyer-Smith, Commissioner general for sustainable development, Ministry for Ecological and Solidary Transition, France


Setting the scene: Introductory remarks and objectives of the meeting


Welcome “Icebreaker”

Getting to know our evolving community and its aspirations

  • Steve Bass, Senior Associate, IIED, UK

10.30 am – 11.00 am



11.00 am -

12.45 pm

Session 2. Challenges of improving decisions on climate change

Facilitator: Michael Vardon


Keynote on the climate change policy challenges

  • Saleemul Huq, International Centre for Climate Change and Development
  How NCA can be useful to the climate change agenda
  Country presentations on NCA and climate change


Group discussion


12.45 am – 13.45 pm



1.45 pm -

3.00 pm

Session 3. Climate Change: What natural capital thinking can achieve

Facilitators: Michael Vardon and Steve Bass

This session will delve into what can natural capital thinking provide to support mainstreaming for climate change mitigation and adaptation in public and private policy making.

  Panel discussion
  • Michael Beutler, Kering
  • Bruno Arias, National Forest Institute, and Jaime Luis, Carrera, Rafael Landivar University, Guatemala
  • ​Robert Bradburn, DEFRA, UK
  • India (TBD)


Group discussion


3.15 pm –   3.45 pm 

Afternoon tea


3.45 pm -

4.15 pm

Session 4. Natural capital: Why it matters to countries and how natural capital accounting and complementary approaches can support policy

Facilitators: Martin Lok, NL and Oliver Greenfield, Green Economy Coalition

This session will discuss a narrative that illustrates the added value of natural capital thinking in both public and private sector.

  Presentation of natural capital narrative
  • Martin Lok, Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, Netherlands
  Panel discussion
  • Claudine Uwera, Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning, Rwanda
  • Antonin Vergez, Ministry for an ecological and inclusive transition,  France
  • Andre Andrade, Casa Civil, Brazil
  • Katia Karousakis, OECD


Group discussion


7:00 pm

Cocktail and Reception

Venue: The Netherlands residence

Hôtel d’Avaray, 85 rue de Grenelle, 75007 Paris


Day 2: Tuesday, November 27, 2018

8.30 am 


Tea and coffee 

9.00 am -

10.30 am

Session 5. Challenges of Improving decisions in Biodiversity

Facilitator: Steve Bass


Keynote on the biodiversity policy challenges

  How NCA can be useful to the biodiversity agenda
  Country presentations on NCA and biodiversity

10.30 am - 11.00 am

Morning tea


11:00 am-

12.45 pm

Session 6. Biodiversity: What natural capital thinking can achieve

Session leads: Arjan Ruis; Facilitator: Steve Bass

This session will go further into what can natural capital thinking provide to support mainstreaming for biodiversity use and conservation in public and private policy making. Parallel working groups will share experiences and discuss a few prepared questions.

  Panel discussion


Group discussion


12.45 – 13.45 pm



1.45 pm -

3.15 pm

Session 7. Mainstreaming natural capital: Building an enabling environment for NCA and complementary natural capital approaches

Facilitators: Mark Gough and Carl Obst

This session will discuss private and public sector gaps and synergies in natural capital approaches, strengthening government-business collaboration with the objective to increase uptake by linking national ambitions and global commitments

  Presentations from the Combining Forces Initiative
  Panel discussion
  • Elizabeth White, IFC
  • Irene Alvarado-Quesada, Central Bank, Costa Rica
  • Simon Cook, Forico
  • Chris Dodds, Scottish government


Group discussion


3.15 – 3.45 pm


3.45 pm -

5.00 pm

Session 8. Taking steps to inform policy agendas: Conclusions & next steps

Facilitator: Steve Bass

  ​Road to China: Key communications opportunities between now and China CBD COP 2020
  • Sonu Jain, World Bank
  • ​Pete Nelson, UNSD
  • Joseph Confino, Natural Capital Coalition
  ​Interventions from countries on planned action on biodiversity leading to China COP
  • All country representatives
  ​Summary of conclusions on papers on climate change, biodiversity, the narrative, combining forces, and guidelines/SEEA application manual
  • Alessandra Alfieri, UNSD
  • Arjan Ruis, PBL, The Netherlands
  • Emily Benson, Green Economy Coalition
  • Marta Santamaria, Natural Capital Coalition
  Closing remarks
  • Benoit Blarel, The World Bank
  • Alessandra Alfieri, UNSD
  • Mark Gough, Natural Capital Coalition
  • Martin Lok, Government Dialogue, The Netherlands

5.00 pm

Close of forum