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Las iniciativas y noticias sobre contabilidad del capital natural surgen constantemente alrededor del mundo. Aquí presentamos una colección de las últimas historias, publicaciones y contenido multimedia relacionada con nuestro sector.

Without good data, governments and public bodies cannot make good decisions. A new approach to ecosystem accounting could unlock a Green Recovery from COVID-19 by integrating environmental and economic information to help maximise societal well-being, minimise costs and keep within ecological thresholds.
A new World Bank Group approach paper, Unlocking Nature-Smart Development, builds evidence that nature loss is capable of erasing recent gains in development and stripping some of the poorest countries of the foundations for future growth.
The World Bank will give Targeted Technical Assistance (TTA) to 20 countries worldwide including 8 in Africa under their Global Sustainability Program (GPS).

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WAVES es una alianza mundial que gestiona la mutua colaboración sobre contabilidad del capital natural entre diferentes actores a nivel internacional, nacional y doméstico. La participación de estos aliados varía de acuerdo a la siguiente categoría de compromiso: países núcleo de implementación (destacados en el mapa), socios donantes y socios participantes.

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Los últimos informes y estudios que destacan la contabilidad del capital natural.

Technical Report
The paper outlines the development challenges and opportunities associated with blue and green biodiversity and ecosystem services...
Technical Report
The report makes a powerful case that economic development and the state of biodiversity and ecosystem services are closely linked.
A regional learning and knowledge platform that brings together professionals from governments, nongovernmental organizations and academia that are interested in or working on Natural Capital Accounting (NCA) in Africa.