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Las iniciativas y noticias sobre contabilidad del capital natural surgen constantemente alrededor del mundo. Aquí presentamos una colección de las últimas historias, publicaciones y contenido multimedia relacionada con nuestro sector.

Zambia begun developing the Land, Forest, and Water natural capital accounts (NCA) and an economic Modelling account in 2017 when they joined the Wealth Accounting and Valuation of Ecosystem Services (WAVES) program. The country developed and launched their first Land, Forest, and Water natural capital accounts in 2019. As the country’s support under the WAVES program was coming to a close Zambia identified additional priority natural resource areas and begun the processes of developing three new natural capital accounts namely; tourism, energy and mineral accounts.
The planet’s sustainable future, and humanity's sustainable development, relies on us being able to understand, quantify and recognize the multiple values of biodiversity. However, natural capital and ecosystem services are often neglected in traditional assessments of economic progress and development planning. This is where Natural Capital Accounts (NCA) are a useful tool: they quantify the stocks of ecosystems and other natural resources and flows of services they provide, helping decision-makers to accurately value how societies and industries benefit from nature and incorporate environmental and economic prosperity into their plans.
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The World Bank Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Finance Hub in Malaysia with Bank Negara Malaysia is launching a report on Exploring Nature-Related Financial Risks in Malaysia. Malaysia’s experience as a “megadiverse” emerging nation provides an opportunity to see how nature-related risks can be assessed and opportunities considered to improve economic and nature-related outcomes. The event also seeks to inform global dialogue and raise awareness of these risks to financial stability, and highlight potential roles for regulators, policy makers, industry representatives and members of civil society.

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WAVES es una alianza mundial que gestiona la mutua colaboración sobre contabilidad del capital natural entre diferentes actores a nivel internacional, nacional y doméstico. La participación de estos aliados varía de acuerdo a la siguiente categoría de compromiso: países núcleo de implementación (destacados en el mapa), socios donantes y socios participantes.

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Los últimos informes y estudios que destacan la contabilidad del capital natural.

This report provides an overview of activities financed by the GPS and WAVES Trust fund till the end of Fiscal Year 2021 (June 30,2021), thus covering two fiscal years (FY20 and FY21).
Technical Report
The paper outlines the development challenges and opportunities associated with blue and green biodiversity and ecosystem services...
A regional learning and knowledge platform that brings together professionals from governments, NGOs and academia that are interested in or working on NCA in Africa.