Around the world, activities and news about natural capital accounting is on the rise. Here we feature a collection of the latest stories, publications and multimedia content related to our sector.

Nature as an engine of recovery in a post-Coronavirus world
What matters today is how we flatten the curve. What will matter tomorrow is how we stimulate economic recovery and ensure that economies are green, clean, and resilient. We can’t do this without thinking about how to put natural capital to work for its people.
Planet REBOOT: An opportunity to reshape the world after COVID-19
Over the last century, our species has increasingly dominated the earth, expanding, developing, growing … but also polluting and depleting our non-renewable resources, creating irreversible losses in biodiversity.
Africa Natural Capital Accounting Community of Practice
A regional learning and knowledge platform that brings together professionals from governments institutions, nongovernmental organizations and academia that are interested in or working on NCA in Africa.

Partner Countries

WAVES is a global partnership with collaboration among different actors at global, national and subnational levels. The major categories of engagement in the WAVES Global Partnership are: core implementing countries and targeted technical assistance countries (highlighted on map), contributing donor partners, and participating partners.

In Depth

The latest reports and studies highlighting natural capital accounting.

Sustainable Investment : Best Practice Disclosure Checklist for Pension Funds
This report provides a comprehensive list of the disclosures that should be provided by asset owners when reporting on their sustainable investment activities.
This report introduces a Biodiversity Impact Metric to help businesses manage their supply chain risks associated with nature.
lue Infrastructure Finance: A new approach, integrating Naturebased Solutions for coastal resilience
This paper provides a robust approach to developing blue infrastructure in coastal areas.