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WAVES Newsletter Issue 4GPS/WAVES News: Response to challenges presented by COVID-19 
Issue 54, May 2020




WAVES Newsletter Issue 4GPS/WAVES News: Exciting news from the `natural capital week' in Kampala, Uganda 
Issue 53, January 2020




WAVES Newsletter Issue 4WAVES News: Uganda to host fourth NCA Forum
Issue 52, November 2019




WAVES Newsletter Issue 4WAVES News: WAVES is expanding
Issue 51, March 2019




WAVES Newsletter Issue 4WAVES News: An exciting Natural capital Week in Paris!
Issue 50, May 2018




WAVES Newsletter Issue 4WAVES News: Making natural capital accounting routine
Issue 49, May 2018




WAVES Newsletter Issue 4WAVES News: Countries continue investing in NCA  
Issue 48, January/February 2018




WAVES Newsletter Issue 4WAVES News: Linking natural capital accounting to the SDGs
Issue 47, November/December 2017




WAVES Newsletter Issue 4WAVES News: Mighty mangroves of the Philippines, NCA gaining steam in Africa
Issue 46, September/October 2017




WAVES Newsletter Issue 4WAVES News: 7th Annual Partnership Meeting in Rwanda
Issue 45, July/August 2017


WAVES Newsletter Issue 42NCA moves ahead in Oceania, Costa Rica and the Philippines host national conferences
Issue 44, June 7, 2017




WAVES Newsletter Issue 42Zambia joins the WAVES Partnership
Issue 43, April 27, 2017




WAVES Newsletter Issue 42Rwanda's first NCA results, growing momentum across Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean
Issue 42, March 22, 2017




WAVES Newsletter Issue 41Policy Forum in The Hague, South-South Knowledge Exchange in Indonesia, and Concepts for Ecosystem Accounting
Issue 41, December 22, 2016




WAVES Newsletter Issue 40Moving forward with WAVES+ and Ecosystem Accounting in the Philippines
Issue 40, November 16, 2016




WAVES Newsletter Issue 39Seven-country study on ecosystem services, the IUCN World Conservation Congress, a new integrated model piloted in Guatemala
Issue 39, September 22, 2016




WAVES Newsletter Issue 38Launch of first global Natural Capital Protocol for business, ecosystem accounts for Central Highlands of Victoria released, and regional workshop for NCA in Africa
Issue 38, July/August, 2016




WAVES Newsletter Issue 37Accounts reveal Costa Rica's forest wealth, sixth Annual Partnership Meeting highlights, new Little Green Databook
Issue 37, June 20, 2016




WAVES Newsletter Issue 36How NCA can help deliver the SDGs, ecosystem accounts in Peru, Rwanda to begin mineral accounts
Issue 36, May 17, 2016




WAVES Newsletter Issue 3515 Latin American/Caribbean countries share path to NCA, Guatemalan water accounts trigger policy dialogue, mangrove loss puts GDP and lives at risk
Issue 35, April 15, 2016




WAVES Newsletter Issue 34Linking biodiversity and economics, Colombia uses NCA to price forest fire damage, what's new from WAVES in Indonesia
Issue 34, March 14, 2016




WAVES Newsletter Issue 33Groundbreaking approach to valuing reefs and mangroves, connecting the dots on using NCA, Botswana and Rwanda share NCA info
Issue 33, February 11, 2016




WAVES Newsletter Issue 32NCA message reaches COP21, Botswana President highlights NCA on global stage, WAVES countries set up NCA units
Issue 32, December 15, 2015




WAVES Newsletter Issue 30Launch of the WAVES Knowledge Center, results from Philippines' ecosystem accounts, NCA in U.S. Federal planning
Issue 31, November 11, 2015




WAVES Newsletter Issue 30Colombia embarks on ecosystem accounts, value of Victoria's Parks "unlocked," and new WAVES program manager
Issue 30, October 8, 2015




Issue 29NCA highlighted at Colombia water forum, Guatemala symposium, and events in Botswana, Rwanda and Sweden
Issue 29, September 9, 2015




Issue 28New Little Green Data Book, balancing ecology and economy in the Philippines, and the Pope's call for the environment
Issue 28, July 30, 2015




Issue 275th Partnership Meeting highlights results, 2015 annual report, and NCA in action
Issue 27, June 11, 2015




Issue 26NCA's 3 sectors begin to align, world water event in Botswana, Cairo Declaration emphasizes natural capital
Issue 26, April 20, 2015




Issue 2525th issue highlights first knowledge exchange on ecosystem accounting
Issue 25, March 13, 2015



Issue 24WAVES briefs Botswana lawmakers, Mexico's GDP growing with reduced risk to environment
Issue 24, February 18, 2015



Issue 23NCA community of practice in Latin America, new collaboration to advance methods for ecosystem accounting
Issue 23, January 13, 2015




Issue 22Botswana President highlights WAVES, NCA featured at World Parks Congress
Issue 22, December 10, 2014




Issue 19NCA Discussed at CBD COP 12, business/finance sectors take stock on NCA
Issue 21, November 13, 2014




Issue 19NCA Trainings in Colombia, India, Morocco and the Philippines
Issue 20, October 9, 2014





Issue 19

Ecosystem accounts in Mauritius, Ghana/Mexico to explore forest accounts

Issue 19, September 10, 2014




Issue 18NCA a link to green growth in Bhutan, improving forest data, latest updates from WAVES countries
Issue 18, August 12, 2014




Issue 17NCA's Role in Post-2015 Development Agenda, updates from Guatemala and Indonesia
Issue 17, July 3, 2014




Issue 16





Issue 15Fourth Annual Partnership Meeting, Join the Conversation online
Issue 15, May 9, 2014





Issue 14Moving Forward in Gautemala, Capturing value of coastal and marine ecosystems, how natural capital supports a green economy
Issue 14, March 31, 2014




World leaders on natural capital, capturing forests' value in the Himalayas, and an official version of the Central Framework
Issue 13, February 26, 2014




WAVES Newsletter Issue 12

Wealth accounts shed new light on Mauritania's riches, data gathering in Philippines and NCA's role in post-2015 development agenda
Issue 12, January 28, 2014



Natural capital takes center stage in Costa Rica and Africa, optimism on biodiversity conservation and a year-end message
Issue 11, December 19, 2013




Issue 10
3 new countries join WAVES, touring the Okavango with African ministers, and maps reveal big picture of land use
Issue 10, November 27, 2013



WAVES Newsletter Issue 9NCA message reaches United Nations, WAVES work and new video from Colombia, Gaborone signatories take next step
Issue 9, October 24, 2013




Issue 8Consultations in the Philippines, Ecosystem Accounting in Peru, Botswana Building Capacity, and Policy and Technical Experts Committee Highlighted
Issue 8, September 11, 2013




Issue 7Growing Interest in NCA in Latin America, Talking about Green Economy in Nairobi, Economic Benefits of Protecting Biodiversity
Issue 7, July 30, 2013




Issue 6

2013 Little Green Databook Launched, GLOBE Summit, Ecosystem Accounting Methods Explored
Issue 6, June 27, 2013




Issue 5Water Accounts in Botswana, Switzerland becomes Latest Donor, 2013 WAVES Annual Report
Issue 5, May 16, 2013




Issue 4Ministers put Weight behind NCA, A Successful Partnership Meeting, A New Video and World Bank VP blog on NCA
Issue 4, April 24. 2013




Issue 3Annual Partnership Meeting, Natural Capital Accounting Workshop in Marseilles and Implementation in Madagascar
Issue 3, April 5, 2015




Issue 2Value of Forests drives Policy in Kenya, Private/Publc Sectors discuss NCA, Interview with Glenn Marie Lange of WAVES, Botswana Building Capacity on Water Accounts
Issue 2, March 20, 2013




Issue 1Using Forest Accounts to set Economic Priorities, UN Expert Demystifies Water Accounts, Expert Group to Work on Ecosystem Valuation
Issue 1, March 1, 2013


WAVES Newsletter Issue 42NCA moves ahead in Oceania, Costa Rica and the Philippines host national conferences
Issue 44, June 7, 2017