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Full implementation of environment legislation could save EU €50bn

February 06, 2017

The review notes that the UK, one of the top performers, has an advanced approach to natural capital accounting.

The emergence of natural capital consciousness

February 01, 2017

Frameworks for measuring and analyzing natural capital dramatically have matured; some companies even have begun incorporating natural capital into their strategy.

Defra urged to make 'rapid progress' with release of environment plan

January 25, 2017

The UK Government must swiftly implement a legally-binding 25-Year Environment Plan to halt the decline of the country's natural capital, an independent advisory body has said.

Valuing nature through markets

January 18, 2017

In the contemporary world, we often forget our dependence on this natural environment.

Natural Capital Accounting for Evidence-Based Policy

(Inter-American Development Bank)
January 11, 2017

Natural capital accounting broadens our standard measures of economic performance by taking stock of the very foundation of wealth- a nation’s environmental resources.

African ESP conference: Natural capital accounting critical to sustainable ecosystem

January 16, 2017

ICRAF hosted the first regional African Ecosystem Services Partnership (ESP) conference on 21-25 November 2016 in Nairobi, Kenya.

Australia must make the environment integral to economic decision-making

(The Conversation)
January 15, 2017

Our economic system functions within, not alongside, an environmental reality. The tools have been created over the past twenty years to factor the environment into our decision making. We just need to take the next step.

Growth prospects under a changing climate

(Japan Times)
January 10, 2017

To deliver sustained growth and wellbeing, we need to value natural capital, recognize the human hand in climate change and take preventive action against climate-related calamities.

Botswana State of the Nation Address: Economic Outlook

(The Patriot)
December 12, 2016

In his State of the Nation Address, President of the Republic of Botswana Ian Khama reiterated the country's commitment to natural capital accounting efforts. 

DFID Supports Second Phase of WAVES Partnership

December 08, 2016

WAVES began its second phase (2016 - 2020), with the UK’s Department for International Development becoming the first donor to contribute to the WAVES+ Multi Donor Trust Fund.