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Viable Long-Term Economic Plan Needs a Natural Capital “Stress Test”

June 02, 2016

This blog says that every unit of human development over past decades has been matched by an equal measure of decline in our natural capital--and that we are exceeding the environmental limits of our one planet, living off the capital, rather than the interest. 

Valuation Important for Botswana's Natural Resources

(Botswana Daily News)
May 26, 2016

WAVES offers an opportunity for Botswana to determine the physical stock of its natural resources and prepare monetary accounts; the results can be used in economic planning in order to reach sustainable development. 

Forests to Cover One Quarter of China in Country's Bid to Build "Eco-civilization"

May 26, 2016

UNEP reports shed light on how countries are using different tools to shift to low-carbon, resource-efficient economies that achieve sustainable development.

Wonderful Life: Biodiversity for Sustaining People and Their Livelihoods

(World Bank)
May 20, 2016

To mark International Biodiversity Day, World Bank Senior Environmental Specialist Adriana Moreira blogs on biodiversity’s importance to sustaining people and livelihoods.

Madagascar Has to Rely on Natural Capital for Her Future Economy

(Climate Reporters)
May 04, 2016

Madagascar's natural capital accounts to be used for development planning, and included in the country’s recently-adopted National Development Plan.

Key Debates Decided for IUCN World Conservation Congress 2016

May 02, 2016

The six key motions primarily identified for debate in Hawai‘i deal with protected areas, natural capital, biodiversity offsets, ocean governance, oil palm expansion and ecotourism.

How to Measure Prosperity

(The Economist)
April 30, 2016

GDP is a bad gauge of material well-being, time for a fresh approach that accounts for parks and intangible capital, as well as the depletion of capital and damage to the environment.

African Ministers Pledge Action on Sustainable Development

(Daily Nigerian News)
April 25, 2016

Ministers of environment and representatives of over 45 African countries agreed to accelerate action on sustainable development including policies and practices to reverse ecosystem degradation and to sustainably manage natural capital.

Trees make our lives better in Unquantifiable Ways

(The Guardian)
April 24, 2016

One company is trying to measure exactly how much urban trees are worth, but some things defy calculation.

As Flood Risks Rise, Engineers, Ecologists and Economists Come Together

(The Nature Conservancy)
April 19, 2016

New comprehensive Guidelines for Measuring and Valuing the Coastal Protection Services of Mangroves and Coral Reefs make clear that Mangroves and coral reefs provide significant coastal protection benefits.