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How Quebec's Maple Forest Serves a Greater Good

(Federation of Quebec Maple Syrup Producers)
April 19, 2016

An infographic on the ecosystem benefits of Quebec's Maple Forests.

Mozambique: Investing in Environment Pays off for the Poorest

April 19, 2016

Environmental damage and a disease affecting coconut trees have affected Mozambique's economy, which is highly reliant on products and services derived from healthy ecosystems. It is estimated that nationwide, over 82 percent of jobs depend on natural resources and that natural capital contributes up to 50 percent of GDP.

World Bank Partnership Releases New Guidelines for Better Valuing Natural Solutions for Coastal Protection

(The Nature Conservancy)
April 19, 2016

WAVES and a team of cross-sector researchers led by The Nature Conservancy released a new report to more effectively value nature-based solutions for reducing coastal risks. 

Nanaimo (Canada) Touts its 'Natural Capital'

(Nanaimo News Bulletin)
April 19, 2016

A Canada-wide pilot program aims to show municipalities the value of maintaining the country’s original infrastructure – nature.

Getting Maximum Value from Ireland's Natural Resources

(The Independent (Ireland))
April 18, 2016

Studies value Ireland's natural capital - or the wider environment - at €2.6bn a year, and includes the economic value of timber, the value that pollinators play in growing crops and the recreational value of the outdoors.

Indian Prime Minister: Need to Consider Tigers as Natural Capital

(Rissa Diary)
April 12, 2016

Shri Narendra Modi said there is a need to consider tigers as India's “natural capital” and to define conservation as a means to achieve development, rather than considering it to be anti-growth.

Amid Dramatic Sea Level Rise, Nature Can Provide a Much-Needed Solution

(Environmental Defense Fund)
April 07, 2016

Living shorelines or natural infrastructure can help lessen storm surge and flooding while also providing habitat, water filtration and beautiful places to enjoy.

Can Natural Capital Accounting Increase Water Access?

April 05, 2016

New accounting methods for natural resources could help governments get to the source of the problem when it comes to achieving the Sustainable Development Goal on access to water.

Natural Capital: What Is the True Cost of Food?

(Spiegel International)
April 02, 2016

The prices of foodstuff generally do not include contributions made by nature, such as clean water or fertile farmland. Some are trying to change that.

Nature Inextricably Linked to Companies’ Bottom Lines

(Conservation International)
April 01, 2016

Chairman and CEO of Conservation International, Peter Seligmann, writes that the goal of protecting nature isn’t an addition — it’s integral to the success of the entire spectrum of the Sustainable Development Goals.