Mar 25, 2021

Leveraging Earth Observations for Ecosystem Accounting: A NASA-CI effort to pilot ecosystem mapping in Liberia

Mar 25, 2021
ONLINE Webinar

This webinar, is part of a series organised by the Africa Natural Capital Accounting Community of Practice.

DATE: Thursday, March 25, 2021 

TIME:  1:00 pm GMT / 8:00 am EST/14:00 CET/16:00 EAT



Video Recording of the Webinar

Webinar Presentation



The UN’s System of Environmental-Economic Accounts (SEEA) represents a global effort towards the goal of mainstreaming nature into decision-making. The recently released SEEA Ecosystem Accounting (EA) is the international statistical standard to measure ecosystems, their status and contribution to the economy. These accounts begin with an “Ecosystem Extent Account”, which maps ecosystems distribution and tracks changes over time.

This webinar will demonstrate a low-cost, replicable approach for the identification and mapping of ecosystem extent developed through a partnership between US space agency NASA, Conservation International (CI) and the government of Liberia. The webinar will share results from Liberia, and how these results are supporting planning and decision-making in the country. Last, the webinar will encourage a discussion on how the piloted approach in Liberia can support other countries efforts to develop SEEA-compliant ecosystem extent accounts at the national scale. 


Chair: Sanjay Srivastava, Practice Manager, World Bank

Program Outline:

Webinar Facilitator: Dr. Rosimeiry Portela, Conservation International (CI)

1. Presentation: Natural Capital Accounting: Supporting planning and decision making in Liberia

Speaker: Mr. Z. Elijah Whapoe, Environmental Protection Agency of Liberia (EPA)

2. Presentation: Ecosystem Accounting and the role of Earth Observation.

Speaker: Mr. Daniel Juhn, Conservation International (CI)

3. Presentation: The use of earth observations to generate ecosystem extent maps: Results from Liberia

Speaker: Dr. Celio H. Resende De Sousa, NASA

4. Brief video synopsis of the Liberia Ecosystem Extent Map   

5. Panel discussion


  • Mr. Z. Elijah Whapoe – EPA  
  • Dr. Temilola Fatoyinbo – NASA
  • Dr. Miroslav Honzak – CI

6. Open Q&A

Webinar documents



Webinar slides and recording will be made available to all participants and NCA CoP members after the event.

This webinar is part of a series under the Africa Natural Capital Accounting Community of Practice.