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Insight Brief: Mangrove Aquaculture-Polyculture Products in the Ayeyarwady Region

This insight brief serves to provide a comprehensive overview and enhance understanding of the commercialization of aquaculture farmed products and the production practices within the mangrove landscapes in the Ayeyarwady Region of Myanmar.
Policy Brief (12p) , 2021 , application/pdf (4.69 MB) , Type: Technical

Investment Analysis for Mangrove Ecosystems in the Ayeyarwady Region

This study comprises intensive data collection, including mapping and on-ground assessment of mangrove resources, detailed household surveys on how community members use mangroves and what incomes they receive, accumulation of knowledge of costs for restoration, and management activities by governments and non-government organizations.
Technical Report (106p) , 2021 , application/pdf (18.76 MB) , Type: Technical

Sustainable Investment : Best Practice Disclosure Checklist for Pension Funds

There are compelling reasons for asset owners – in particular large pension funds and sovereign wealth funds – to adopt sustainable investment, and for governments to support them in these endeavors.
Technical Report (54p) , 2021 , application/pdf (1.38 MB) , Type: Technical

Government Pension Fund : Thailand Environmental, Social, and Governance Weight and Score - Asset Valuation Methodology (English)

This report provides a detailed description of the approach, explaining how one can analyze and weight ESG factors at the sectoral and at the company or issuer level, and how one incorporates these into asset valuation and pricing. The aim is to make the methodology transparent to concerned stakeholders and to share ideas to institutional investor peers.
Technical Report (26p) , 2021 , application/pdf (6.31 MB) , Type: Technical

Starting on a Sustainable Investing Journey

This article is intended as a summary of the type of guidance World Bank teams aim to provide investors we work with who are starting on the journey of sustainable investing, with questions investors may ask themselves.
Article (16p) , 2021 , application/pdf (7.62 MB) , Type: Technical

A toolkit for sustainable investment policy and regulation (part 1)

This toolkit provides a high-level overview of five foundational sustainable investment policies, listed in Box 1, explaining why each is important, setting out their key features and presenting some examples of such policies in action.
Training Guide and Toolkit (32p) , 2021 , application/pdf (1.84 MB) , Type: Training and tool kits