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Water Accounting Report

The Water Accounting (WA) activities are a credible approach to monitoring the scarce water resources in Botswana.
Technical Report (31p) , 2021 , application/pdf (1.67 MB) , Type: Technical

Unlocking Nature-Smart Development : An Approach Paper on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

The paper outlines the development challenges and opportunities associated with blue and green biodiversity and ecosystem services and offers insights that could inform the design and implementation of the post-2020 global biodiversity framework.
Technical Report (67p) , 2021 , application/pdf (13.29 MB) , Type: Technical

The Economic Case for Nature : A Global Earth-Economy Model to Assess Development Policy Pathways

The report makes a powerful case that economic development and the state of biodiversity and ecosystem services are closely linked.
Technical Report (183p) , 2021 , application/pdf (6.68 MB) , Type: Technical

Forest Accounts of Kyrgyz Republic : Kyrgyz Republic Integrated Forest Ecosystem Management Project - KR WAVES Plus (English)

This technical report shows the results of the pilot implementation of Natural Capital Accounting (NCA) for Forests in the Kyrgyz Republic for the year 2018 under the KR WAVES Plus initiative, using the System of Environmental-Economic Accounting (SEEA) framework.
Technical Report (61p) , 2021 , application/pdf (1.21 MB) , Type: Technical

Feasibilty of Measuring Tourism Sustainability in the Kyrgyz Republic : A Technical Report (English)

Tourism has the potential to become one of the key sectors that will generate growth and jobs and the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic has identified tourism as one of the four development priorities. The tourism industry could be based on the sustainable management of the country’s rich natural capital, including forests and landscapes. The country needs a high-quality and reliable tourism sector data system to be able to measure and trace its contribution to the overall economy.
Technical Report (74p) , 2021 , application/pdf (943.91 KB) , Type: Technical

Insight Brief Nipa Palm Products in the Ayeyarwady Region

This insight brief serves to provide a comprehensive overview and enhance understanding of the commercialization of nipa palm products and the production practices within the mangrove landscapes in the Ayeyarwady Region of Myanmar.
Policy Brief (12p) , 2021 , application/pdf (3.48 MB) , Type: General