Around the world, activities and news about natural capital accounting is on the rise. Here we feature a collection of the latest stories, publications and multimedia content related to our sector.

Institutional investors increasingly wonder how their investments can make a positive impact and contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)
Nigeria, a West African Country, is blessed with enormous natural capital, including forests covering about 3,316,821 hectares of land; fisheries, rivers wildlife and water.
Kampala, November 20, 2020 — The Government of Uganda is moving towards its vision of resource-led industrialization by developing a set of natural capital accounts for the country.

Partner Countries

WAVES is a global partnership with collaboration among different actors at global, national and subnational levels. The major categories of engagement in the WAVES Global Partnership are: core implementing countries and targeted technical assistance countries (highlighted on map), contributing donor partners, and participating partners.

In Depth

The latest reports and studies highlighting natural capital accounting.

Technical Report
This report provides evidence of the importance of forests in providing ecosystem services that are important for Cambodia’s economy.
Technical Report
A World Bank Group paper on private finance for biodiversity and ecosystem services.
A regional learning and knowledge platform that brings together professionals from governments...