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Progress in natural capital accounting for ecosystems

With the first generation of ecosystem accounts now published in 24 countries, and with a push to finalize a United Nations (UN) statistical standard for ecosystem accounting by 2021, this article highlight key advances, challenges, and opportunities.
Article (3p) , 2020 , Author(s): Lars Hein, Kenneth J , Type: Technical

GPS-WAVES Annual Report 2019

A report on the annual progress of GPS-WAVES. It showcases the significant progress made by partner countries in developing natural capital accounts & GPS-WAVES activities over the last year.
Publication (80p) , 2020 , application/pdf (5.83 MB) , Type: General

Towards a Regional Community of Practice in Africa: Accelerating the mainstreaming of NCA through regional integration

This is a synthesis report of the Africa Forum on Natural Capital Accounting and recommendations for future actions
Publication (57p) , 2020 , application/pdf (2.04 MB) , Type: General

Woodfuels Overview

This brief highlights the importance of generating reliable data that will help policy makers advocate for reform, simplify governance and provide practical support to the woodfuel industry players in Uganda.
Policy Brief (4p) , 2020 , application/pdf (574.16 KB) , Type: Policy

Natural Capital and NDP III 2021-2025

This brief demonstrates importance of different accounts for development planning, based on experiences from Uganda and other countries. Natural Capital Accounting can contribute directly to three of the five objectives of third National Development Plan for Uganda (NDP III).
Policy Brief (4p) , 2020 , application/pdf (516.51 KB) , Type: Policy

Uganda Adjusted Macroeconomic Indicators Brief

This brief on Uganda reflects recent developments and global trends in broadening the measurement framework for economic activity. As part of this, two important sets of new economic indicators have been developed.
Policy Brief (4p) , 2020 , application/pdf (1.55 MB) , Type: Policy