Pension Systems Plus Climate Risk : Measurement Plus Mitigation (English)

This report focuses on pension system greening and aims to provide data-driven recommendations to orient climate-aligned investment practices. In order to undertake a holistic analysis, this report consists of the following sections: a literature review outlining the need to green the global pension system (Section 1); a review of relevant national and international actions taken (Section 2); a climate risk exposure landscape based on quantitative analysis deriving country pension fund climate risk scores (Section 3); a complementary regulatory mapping and score that uses a combined quantitative and qualitative approach (Section 4.1); and a survey of pension regulators to identify how each supervisory authority is interpreting practices and standards on ESG integration in the pension industry (Section 4.2). The final section of the report summarizes the conclusions and key policy recommendations. In addition, this report relies on insights from a series of case studies conducted, which profile several leading pension funds and their climate investment strategies (appendix 1).

The World Bank Group
Technical Report, application/pdf, 46pages
Natural Capital Accounting - General