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World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists

Junio 28, 2014 to Julio 02, 2014
Istanbul, Turkey

The 5th World Congress of Environmental and Resource Economists is a forum for environment and resource economists from around the world. During the Congress, hosted by Istanbul Technical University (ITU), there will be opportunities to network and learn from some of the brightest leaders in the field ofenvironmental and resource economics. Over 1,100 economists from more than 40 countries attended the last World Congress in Montreal in 2010 - and an equal if not greater number is anticipated at Istanbul. 

Second World Summit of Legislators, Globe International

Junio 06, 2014 to Junio 08, 2014
Mexico City, Mexico

The 2nd World Summit of Legislators, hosted by the Mexican Congress and organized by the Global Legislators Organization (GLOBE), will bring together senior legislators from over 100 countries to politically test a new model for an international climate change agreement that has national legislation at its heart. The legislators will debate the principles of what makes good climate legislation on mitigation, adaptation and forests/REDD+ as well as natural capitalaccounting.

Fourth Partnership Meeting

Mayo 14, 2014 to Mayo 15, 2014
Washington, DC
Fourth Partnership Meeting
May 14 - 15, 2014
Washington D.C.

Global Workshop on Forest Accounting

Mayo 11, 2014 to Mayo 13, 2014
Washington, DC

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