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Natural Capital, Climate Change and the Future of Coastal Cities

Abril 08, 2016
Nassau, The Bahamas

The Caribbean and Latin America are highly vulnerable to the adverse impacts of climate change, with three out of four residents living in coastal areas. However, a few countries are using innovative policies and strategic investments to increase resilience and improve livelihoods. This panel will explore new ways the region is defending the coast from the effects of climate change and urban development. In a region that is urbanizing quickly, how do we stabilize shorelines, reduce flooding, improve public access and protect the resilience of coastal and marine ecosystems?

Natural Capital Symposium

Marzo 21, 2016
Stanford University, California, USA

Hosted by the Natural Capital Project (NatCap) at Stanford University, the 2016 Natural Capital Symposium will be a major convening of leaders in natural capital approaches around the world. We are coordinating with international and domestic groups focusing on natural capital approaches, to ensure that the growing community of practice around natural capital approaches continues to engage, learn, and adapt.

Giving Visibility to the Economic Value of Forests: Natural Capital Accounting

Marzo 17, 2016
Toledo, Spain

This event will bring together a team of experts who will address the subject of natural capital accounting from different perspectives and approaches