The Wealth of Nations

GDP and Wealth are complementary indicators that provide a fuller picture of economic well-being. A country’s comprehensive wealth includes all produced capital such as factories and roads; natural capital like forests and water; human capital, which leads to earnings; and net foreign assets. Only by having a clear understanding of our world’s wealth—including all forms of capital—can we plan for a more sustainable future. The World Bank is working with countries to go beyond GDP and build a more accurate picture of their wealth.

WAVES: Managing Natural Resources for Future Generations

The Wealth Accounting and the Valuation of Ecosystem Services (WAVES) is a global partnership program that accounts for the natural capital and services ecosystems provide. Accounting for our natural resources and the benefits they provide us is the first step in sustainably managing these resources for future generations. Watch the video.

Advancing Natural Capital in Finance

This video prepared by the Natural Capital Declaration outlines the importance of natural capital to the business and finance sectors and features several global experts on the issue: Marco Lambertini (WWF), Joshua Bishop (WWF, formerly IUCN), Ivo Mulder (UNEP), Andrew Mitchell (Global Canopy Programme), Giorgio Capurri (UniCredit), Namita Vikas (Yes Bank), and Ekaterina Grigoryeva (World Bank Group).

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