Mar 16, 2016

Latin America and the Caribbean Regional Workshop on Environmental Accounting for Policy Analysis

Mar 16, 2016
Bogota, Colombia

Environmental accounting under the methodological framework of the System of Environmental-Economic Accounts (SEEA) 2012 has been recognized as an important tool for evidence-based policy making that takes into account the effects of economic activities on the environment and vice versa. In addition, it has been identified as one of the useful frameworks for the purpose of monitoring and reporting for the UN post-2015 development agenda in support of inclusive, people-centered sustainable development.

Following-up on past activities in the Latin American and the Caribbean Region (LAC), the workshop’s objective is to provide a platform for countries to share their experiences with SEEA implementation with a focus on the institutional set-up and the use of the accounts for policy making. By means of interactive sessions, participants will exchange experiences on SEEA implementation, learn best practices in LAC and hear from experts on environmental accounting. In addition, the workshop will provide the opportunity to discuss the objectives and activities of a forthcoming Regional Collaboration Program. 

The workshop will bring together 28 participants from 15 countries: two participants from each country. One country participant will represent the “producer side” of the accounts (NSOs, CB, etc., depending on the country), and the other will represent the “user side” (Ministry of Environment, Planning Department etc., depending on the country). Additionally, experts from WAVES, ECLAC, GIZ and UNSD as well as from academia will attend.

Agenda and Presentations