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Natural Capital and NDP III 2021-2025

This brief demonstrates importance of different accounts for development planning, based on experiences from Uganda and other countries. Natural Capital Accounting can contribute directly to three of the five objectives of third National Development Plan for Uganda (NDP III).
Policy Brief (4p) , 2020 , application/pdf (516.51 KB) , Type: Policy

Uganda Adjusted Macroeconomic Indicators Brief

This brief on Uganda reflects recent developments and global trends in broadening the measurement framework for economic activity. As part of this, two important sets of new economic indicators have been developed.
Policy Brief (4p) , 2020 , application/pdf (1.55 MB) , Type: Policy

State of Natural Capital Annual Report 2020

This report sets out the work done by the Natural Capital committee since March 2019.
Publication (44p) , 2020 , Author(s): Natural Capital Comm , Type: Policy
Uganda Woodfuels Overview

Uganda Woodfuels Overview

This paper provides data on the scale, value and employment contribution of woodfuels to the economy of Uganda
Technical Report (21p) , 2020 , application/pdf (559.87 KB) , Type: Technical
WAVES-Adjusted Macroeconomic Indicators and Measures of Comprehensive Wealth

Uganda Adjusted Macroeconomic Indicators and Measures of Comprehensive Wealth

This is the first report of adjusted macroeconomic indicators and countries wealth measure for Uganda.
Technical Report (51p) , 2020 , application/pdf (1.24 MB) , Type: Technical

Natural capital accounts for the Dutch North Sea 2019

This report shows for the Dutch North Sea area the physical natural capital accounts according to the SEEA EEA framework.
Technical Report (51p) , 2019 , Author(s): Sjoerd Schenau, Herm , Type: Technical