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Towards Sustainable Land Use

This report provides good practice insights on how governments can transition to more sustainable land-use systems.
Publication (158p) , 2020 , application/pdf (3.75 MB) , Type: General

Global Futures: Modelling the global economic impacts of environmental change to support policy-making

This report presents the model created in response to the recommendation by a report, documented in Crossman et al. (2018), to develope a new integrated modelling approach linking two existing models, namely the Integrated Valuation of Ecosystem Services and Tradeoffs (InVEST) model from the Natural Capital Project, and the Global Trade Analysis Project (GTAP) Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) model from Purdue University.
Technical Report (105p) , 2020 , Author(s): Johnson, J.A., Baldo , Type: Technical

Progress in natural capital accounting for ecosystems

With the first generation of ecosystem accounts now published in 24 countries, and with a push to finalize a United Nations (UN) statistical standard for ecosystem accounting by 2021, this article highlight key advances, challenges, and opportunities.
Article (3p) , 2020 , Author(s): Lars Hein, Kenneth J , Type: Technical

GPS-WAVES Annual Report 2019

A report on the annual progress of GPS-WAVES. It showcases the significant progress made by partner countries in developing natural capital accounts & GPS-WAVES activities over the last year.
Publication (80p) , 2020 , application/pdf (5.83 MB) , Type: General

Towards a Regional Community of Practice in Africa: Accelerating the mainstreaming of NCA through regional integration

This is a synthesis report of the Africa Forum on Natural Capital Accounting and recommendations for future actions
Publication (57p) , 2020 , application/pdf (2.04 MB) , Type: General

Land Physical Asset Accounts for Uganda Brief

This is a policy brief of the Land Physical Accounts for Uganda developed to contribute to the goal of the National Land Policy (2013).
Policy Brief (4p) , 2020 , application/pdf (932.64 KB) , Type: Policy