Around the world, activities and news about natural capital accounting is on the rise. Here we feature a collection of the latest stories, publications and multimedia content related to our sector.

The Government of Uganda took a significant step in mainstreaming natural capital accounting by launching the national plan and the first set of land and water accounts for the country based on the SEEA.
A motion supporting natural capital accounting and the SEEA for mainstreaming biodiversity values will be brought to the IUCN World Conservation Congress in June 2020 in Marseille, France.
Biodiversity is often talked about through the lens of conservation and the survival of animal and plant species. But the value of a healthy biosphere is much more than that.

Partner Countries

WAVES is a global partnership with collaboration among different actors at global, national and subnational levels. The major categories of engagement in the WAVES Global Partnership are: core implementing countries and targeted technical assistance countries (highlighted on map), contributing donor partners, and participating partners.

In Depth

The latest reports and studies highlighting natural capital accounting.

This is a synthesis report of the Africa Forum on Natural Capital Accounting and recommendations for future actions
A report on the annual progress of GPS-WAVES. It showcases the significant progress made by partner countries in developing natural capital accounts & GPS-WAVES activities over the last year.
Technical Report
This is the first report of adjusted macroeconomic indicators and countries wealth measure for Uganda.