In this Radiolab interview that was heard on National Public Radio in the United States, WAVES Chief Technical Advisor (and former Program Manager) Glenn-Marie Lange is one of the guests discussing understanding nature in terms of dollars and cents and the value provided by ecosystems. But some people argue it actually devalues something that should be seen as priceless.

The World Bank’s Senior Director for Environment and Natural Resources, Paula Caballero, discusses the work done by WAVES in a video interview filmed by UNDP as part of their Park Talk series at the IUCN World Parks Congress 2014 in Sydney, Australia.

Shot in Colombia's Chingaza National Park at the source of the Chuza River, a main water supply for Bogota's 8 million residents, World Bank Lead Economist Carter Brandon describes how nature's assets contribute to a nation's total wealth. Watch the video.

Experts and officials discuss how their countries are using natural capital accounting and the impact it is having. Watch the video.

Rio+20 offered a unique chance to include 'natural capital' in national accounts and move towards development that is more sustainable. Watch the video.

Video from the Second WAVES Partnership Meeting

Examples from developed and developing countries illustrate how Natural Capital Accounts on forests, minerals and water are helping countries make better economic decisions. Watch the video.

Dr. Michael Vardon, Australia

Using the Great Barrier Reef as an example, Dr. Michael Vardon, Director, Center of Environment and Energy Statistics, Australia, illustrates what natural capital accounting is and why it is important. Watch the video.