Mar 30, 2017 to Mar 31, 2017

National Conference on Natural Capital Accounting

Mar 30, 2017 to Mar 31, 2017
Manila, Philippines

The objective of the proposed conference is to primarily present what has been accomplished and arouse greater interest on NCA towards paving its way for its mainstreaming in development agenda.

Specifically, the conference aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Improve the scientific and policy aspects of natural capital accounting in the Philippines through exchange of knowledge, insights and experience among policy makers, scientists, practitioners and advocates;
  • Provide a platform to disseminate results of researches and current undertakings among key actors in NCA and related subject matter;
  • Collate and synthesize available technical analyses relevant for the implementation of natural capital accounting in the Philippines, highlight major issues and concerns, identify data gaps and impact pathways, and discuss policy directions at local and national levels; and
  • Identify effective modes of collaboration towards further strengthening capabilities in NCA and other related methodologies and tools.