Feasibilty of Measuring Tourism Sustainability in the Kyrgyz Republic : A Technical Report (English)

The Kyrgyz Republic is a landlocked, largely mountainous country with rich natural resources that include a variety of landscapes and ecosystems - mountains and glaciers, alpine pastures, lakes and rivers, arid canyons, and semi-deserts. The country also hosts a rich historical and cultural heritage of Asian nomadic traditions and many ancient civilizations. Despite these ample natural and cultural values, tourism contribution to economic growth is still relatively small. Tourism has the potential to become one of the key sectors that will generate growth and jobs and the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic has identified tourism as one of the four development priorities. The tourism industry could be based on the sustainable management of the country’s rich natural capital, including forests and landscapes. The country needs a high-quality and reliable tourism sector data system to be able to measure and trace its contribution to the overall economy. This report has assessed the feasibility of measuring tourism sustainability, by examining the potential to develop Tourism Satellite Accounts (TSA).

World Bank Group
Technical Report, application/pdf, 74pages