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Economic Value of Nordic Ecosystems Assessed

February 13, 2013

A new study from the Nordic Council of Ministers examines the benefits humans get from nature and the kinds of political action required to ensure sustainable use of these benefits in the Nordic region. It concludes that the Nordic countries are well placed in terms of economic resources to act as pioneers in promoting a green economy based on the sustainable use of ecosystem services.

TEEB's New Report Focuses on Water and Wetlands

February 01, 2013

The Economics of Environment and Biodiversity's (TEEB) new report focuses on identifying major gaps and inconsistencies in current knowledge of the economics of water and wetlands, so as to inform agenda-setting for further work on the economics of water and wetlands.

BSR Reviews the Emerging Domain of Ecosystem Services Tools

(BSR - The Business of a Better World)
January 31, 2013

Business consulting firm, BSR, launched a new report to assist businesspeople who are asking questions about ecosystem services. Titled, 'Measuring and Managing Corporate Performance in an Era of Expanded Disclosure: A Review of the Emerging Domain of Ecosystem Services Tools,' the report is intended to help corporate decision-makers understand and assess the current state of play within the ecosystem services tool landscape.

Interview with Tony Juniper

January 14, 2013

In the 'On Start the Week' program hosted by BBC's Anne McElvoy, environmental campaigner Tony Juniper talks about his new book, What has Nature Ever Done for us?, which explains how countries have begun to integrate natural values into their national accounts and reframing the importance of the natural world in terms of finance.

ESPA 2012 Annual Science Conference

November 20, 2012

The ESPA (Ecosystem Services for Poverty Alleviation) Science Conference was held in November this year. The goal of the conference was to bring the ESPA research community up-to-date with developments in ESPA science, including new results, new projects, tools and approaches, and to provide an opportunity for researchers working on ecosystems or poverty alleviation work to meet and interact with others working on similar issues.

Focus on NCA at the Global Green Growth Forum

(Green Biz)
October 08, 2012

Public and private sector leaders urged governments and companies to embrace Natural Capital Accounting at the annual Global Green Growth Forum (3GF) on October 8. The Global Green Growth Forum is a partnership between the Governments of Denmark, Korea and Mexico, leading global corporations and international organizations.

GLOBE to work with WAVES

(WAVES Partnership)
October 22, 2012

WAVES will be working closely with GLOBE Natural Capital Initiative (GNCI). They will work with legislators in a leadership group of seven countries to mainstream natural capital accounting across governments. In their first phase, they will focus on four WAVES countries – Botswana, Colombia, Costa Rica, and the Philippines. In addition, they will be working with Peru, UK, and Germany.

Rachel Kyte speaks to Bloomberg's Clean Energy & Carbon Brief on NCA

(Clean Energy & Carbon Brief)
August 20, 2012

Rachel Kyte, World Bank's Vice President for Sustainable Development, tells Bloomberg's Clean Energy & Carbon Brief that "natural capital accounting" is "an issue that found a moment" at the recently-concluded Rio+20 summit.

Rio's Buzzing About Natural Capital - Blog from World Bank VP, Rachel Kyte

(World Bank)
June 21, 2012

Only a very short time ago, we were drawing blank looks when we mentioned "natural capital accounting." This week at Rio, everyone is talking about it. Walls are plastered with flyers about it.  And our event on it yesterday drew such a crowd it was standing-room only.

Massive Show of Support for Action on Natural Capital Accounting at Rio Summit

(World Bank)
June 20, 2012

Over fifty countries and 86 private companies have joined forces behind the move to factor the value of natural assets like clean air, clean water, forests and other ecosystems into business decision-making and countries systems of national accounting.

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