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From Brazil to Botswana, Nations Dig into Ecosystem Services

March 19, 2014

Ecosystem services are gaining the attention of government officials around the world. A new BSR working paper finds that by late 2013, 68 countries had engaged in work on ecosystem services, ranging from research and task forces to promoting new policies.

Launch of the UK's Natural Capital Committee's Second State of Natural Capital Report

March 11, 2014

The latest State of Natural Capital Report, published by the UK’s Natural Capital Committee, says that too often the environment is taken for granted, and called for a 25-year-long natural capital plan so that Britain can enjoy the “economic and wellbeing benefits”.

World Wildlife Day: Biodiversity's Link to Ending Extreme Poverty

March 03, 2014

Animal, plant, and marine biodiversity keeps ecosystems functional, allowing us to survive, get enough to eat, and make a living. When species disappear or fall in number, ecosystems and people suffer. Biodiversity is especially important to the poor — 75% of whom live in rural areas and depend on nature for their food and livelihoods.

NatCap13: 100 Days Later

March 01, 2014

On Nov. 21-22, 2013, Scotland played host to 500 delegates from more than 30 countries who came together for the inaugural World Forum on Natural Capital. One of the main aims of the World Forum was to move the debate on natural capital forward to action.

Valuing Natural Resources Critical to Africa's 'Green Economy' Growth

February 25, 2014

The next wave of investment and innovation in Africa will be driven by the need for new energy resources, wealth generation and job creation, the head of the United Nations environment agency told regional leaders, making a case for the need to place value on natural resources. 

Developing and Pilot testing the Natural Capital Protocol and two supporting sector guides

February 25, 2014

This document sets out the scope of work that the Natural Capital Coalition (the ‘Coalition’) wishes to commission. The Coalition selects its tenderers through a competitive process and this document describes that process and explains how tenderers may tender for the work described.

Press Release: Global Forest Watch - Dynamic New Platform to Protect Forests Worldwide

February 19, 2014

Today the World Resources Institute (WRI), Google, and a group of more than 40 partners launched Global Forest Watch (GFW), a dynamic online forest monitoring and alert system that empowers people everywhere to better manage forests. For the first time, Global Forest Watch unites the latest satellite technology, open data, and crowdsourcing to guarantee access to timely and reliable information about forests.

Natural Capital Seminar Series Presentations Online

February 20, 2014

This seminar series (held weekly on Wednesday’s) will synthesize existing information about the value of ecosystem services and natural capital and present it in a form useful for ecologists, economists, policy makers, and the general public. It will also be helpful in valuing natural capital in 'green' national accounting systems which are currently being proposed in many countries.

Natural Capital Gets its own Business Hub

February 19, 2014

The Natural Capital Business Hub, launched Feb. 19, 2014 at the 2014 GreenBiz Forum, showcases the natural capital efforts of more than 40 companies — from Alcoa to Lockheed Martin to YES Bank — representing $1.4 trillion in revenues. Nonprofits involved include BSR, Trucost and World Wildlife Fund (WWF). The hub's core tool is a database of case studies, which can be searched by industry, geography, benefit, approach or ecosystem.

New Tools Available for Companies and Investors to Better Valuate Natural Capital

January 24, 2014

A look at some of the efforts underway to better value natural capital and help financial markets begin to incorporate information about the impacts and dependencies on ecosystem services by a company or investment, as well as associated risks and opportunities.