Q&A: UNEP chief Inger Andersen on program priorities and climate change

“Had we acted 10 years ago, we would have needed now to reduce every year our emissions by 3.3%, which would be doable. Because we haven’t acted, we now need to reduce our emissions by 7.6%, which is a stretch —  a massive stretch.”— Inger Andersen, executive director, UNEP

IUCN motion supports natural capital accounting for biodiversity

In  June 2020, thousands of leaders and decision-makers from government, civil society, indigenous peoples, business, and academia will come together for the  IUCN World Conservation Congress  in Marseille, France. The IUCN WCC is the world’s largest conservation event and its relevance cannot be overstated: its decisions shape worldwide conservation and sustainable development agendas for years to come.


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