Jul 30, 2020

African NCA Community of Practice Webinar: Ocean Accounting – Novel approaches to Ocean Governance

Jul 30, 2020
ONLINE webinar
This webinar, is part of a series organised by the Africa Natural Capital Accounting Community of Practice.
Time: 1:00PM Johannesburg, 2:00 PM Nairobi time
Chair: Peter Kristensen, Lead Environmental Specialist and Team Leader for West Africa Coastal Areas Program (WACA), World Bank
  • Dr. Ben Milligan, Executive Secretary, Global Oceans Accounts Partnership

Dr. Ben Milligan is the Executive Secretary of the Global Ocean Accounts Partnership, Scientia Fellow based at the Environmental Law Cluster, Centre for Applied Economic Research, and Centre for Ecosystem Science at the University of New South Wales, and co-lead of the High-Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy Blue Paper on Ocean Accounting.

  • Prof. Ken Findlay, CPUT Research Chair, Cape Peninsula University of Technology’s Centre for Sustainable Oceans

Prof Ken Findlay is the CPUT Research Chair at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology’s Centre for Sustainable Oceans.

  • Glenn-Marie Lange, Senior Environmental Economist, World Bank
Webinar proceedings: Video Recording of the Webinar



Oceans cover 70% of the Earth's surface, are the planet's largest biosphere, and are home to 50–80% of all life on Earth. Oceans make major contributions, many irreplaceable, to human well-being and development. For example, more than 90% of global trade in goods and 95% of internet traffic travel by sea. In Africa, 38 countries have a coastline and many economies depend heavily on marine resources. The true value of ocean ecosystems, however, are often not adequately measured.

To address this issue, oceans accounts – a structured compilation of maps, statistics, and indicators, aligned with the UN System of Environmental Economic Accounts – are being developed by a growing number of countries. Ocean accounts provide a framework for ocean data integration by organising relevant data (from the environmental, social and economic domains) into structures that are similar to national accounts maintained by National Statistical Offices or Finance Ministries. They provide the means to account for growth, sustainability and inclusivity of ocean economies in line with the UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. At the global level, momentum on developing a shared technical framework for ocean accounting is supported by the Global Ocean Accounts Partnership.

The webinar will provide an introduction to oceans accounts and the potential opportunities in the increasing advancement of African ocean economies. It will also serve to introduce the Oceans Accounting Working Group, which will run under the Africa Natural Capital Accounting Community of Practice from August to December 2020. This webinar is part of a series under the Africa Natural Capital Accounting Community of Practice.