Apr 01, 2020 to Jul 03, 2020

African Forum on Green Economy

Apr 01, 2020 to Jul 03, 2020
ONLINE Conference - webinar
Of all regions on the planet, Africa faces some of the most pressing natural capital risks, and yet some of the most clear and compelling opportunities for green, sustainable growth.
Fast growing sectors such as agriculture, forestry, infrastructure and others face significant risks from climate change, biodiversity loss and resource scarcity. Across the continent, businesses need better information to understand and respond to these risks in a sustainable way. Investors also need to better understand their opportunities and risk profiles in emerging African markets, and policymakers need to identify and enact smart legislation that provides natural, social and economic benefits for maximum sustainable growth.
This discussion is an opportunity to gather and inspire a new generation of expectations about what green, economic decision-making means on the continent. Learn more, discuss and register here.