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Discover How Norway Saved Its Vanishing Forests

November 04, 2015

A century ago, Norway was on the brink of losing its forests forever. Today they are growing every year thanks to Norway’s Forest Inventory.

Why Conservation + Economics = Basic, Good Economics

(Natural Capital Project)
November 02, 2015

An interview with environmental economist Steve Polasky, commemorating 10 years of work on the Natural Capital Project.

Natural Capital Protocol: Valuing Ecological Farming Practices

October 27, 2015

According to new research by Trucost, agriculture results in global environmental costs of US$3.33 trillion per year.

Citi Becomes Official Signatory to the Natural Capital Declaration

(Natural Capital Declaration.)
October 26, 2015

Citi has become an official Signatory to the Natural Capital Declaration (NCD), a finance-sector initiative, endorsed by 43 financial institutions.

Mineral Products Industry Playing Role in Building on Britain’s Natural Capital

October 15, 2015

The "Building on Britain’s Natural Capital" event at The Royal Society, London, discussed how the mineral products industry is playing a key role in building on Britain’s natural Capital.

Science for Nature and People (SNAP) Hosts 2-year NCA Initiative in Rwanda

(WorldStage News)
October 13, 2015

A new Expert Working Group will support Rwanda's development strategy and international initiatives in natural capital accounting.

Study Finds Degraded Laguna Ecosystem, More Forest Cover in Palawan

(Business World)
October 12, 2015

Ecosystem accounts in the Philippines show deforestation and pollution have degraded natural resources in Laguna de Bay, but found some improvement in southern Palawan’s forest cover.

Stronger Environmental Policies Urged (Philippines)

(Manila Times)
October 12, 2015

In a press briefing in the Philippines on October 12th, data was presented from a pilot area of the Philippine's WAVES program.

What is a Rhino in the Wild Really Worth?

(The Washington Post)
October 12, 2015

A single rhinoceros horn can bring $300,000 on the black market, but determining the full value of a rhino is more difficult. In some countries, where preserving animals and habitats are keys to tourism, losing these things imposes a steep economic cost.

New UN Report Details Ecosystem Services of Almost $1 Billion Annually in Four Pilot Countries

October 07, 2015

ProEcoServ assessed ecosystem services such as water, soil retention, shoreline protection, carbon sequestration and pollination in South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Viet Nam and Chile.