WAVES is a global partnership with collaboration among different actors at global, national and subnational levels, all working towards accomplishing WAVES’ four objectives: help countries adopt and implement accounts that are relevant for policies and compile a body of experience; develop an ecosystem accounting methodology; establish a global platform for training and knowledge sharing; and build international consensus around natural capital accounting.
The major categories of engagement in the WAVES Global Partnership are:
Core Implementing Countries: These partner countries receive substantial technical support to implement Natural Capital Accounting funded by the WAVES Multi-donor Trust Fund (MDTF). Currently, the WAVES Core Implementing Partners include Botswana, Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Indonesia, Madagascar, the Philippines and Rwanda.
Contributing Donor Partners: Countries or organizations contributing financially to the WAVES Multi-donor Trust Fund currently include Denmark, the European Commission, France, Germany, Japan, the Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom.
Participating Partners: 
  • International organizations, including several UN agencies (UNEP, UNDP, UN Statistical Commission);
  • Civil society representatives including foundations, NGO’s, academic and research institutions, and local governments that have an interest in and be able to contribute to the promotion of NCA;
  • Countries that have signed on to the Communiqué on Natural Capital Accounting. These include countries that have programs for NCA, which are funded through their own or other funding sources (not WAVES), or are interested in NCA. They will be consistently engaged through training workshops, and through global and regional Communities of Practice but will not receive substantial technical support.

All our partners share a common vision of a world where valuing the environment leads to better decisions for development. Over the next four years (FY12-FY16), it is hoped that this partnership will nurture a vibrant community that shares experience and expertise and raises awareness of the importance of natural capital accounting in promoting sustainable development.

Implementing Partners