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The Economist's World Forests Summit 2014: Unlocking the true potential of forests

March 20, 2014
Stockholm, Sweden

Forests play a substantial role in global and national economies. At The Economist’s inaugural World Forests Summit in March 2013, a discussion was launched about the importance of forests in regard to climate change and the world’s survival.

Cuadragésima quinta sesión de la Comisión de Estadísticas

March 04, 2014 to March 07, 2014
Sede de Naciones Unidas, Nueva York

La Cuadragésima quinta sesión de la Comisión de Estadísticas (inglés) está programada para ser celebrada en la sede de Naciones Unidas, en Nueva York desde el 4 al 7 de marzo de 2014. Se llevará a cabo en el Cuarto de Conferencias 2, en el recientemente renovado Edificio de la Secretaría (Secretariat Building)

45th Session of the Statistical Commission

March 04, 2014 to March 07, 2014
UN Headquarters, New York

The  45th session of the Statistical Commission is scheduled to be held at the United Nations Headquarters, New York from 4 to 7 March 2014. It will take place in Conference Room 2 in the newly renovated Secretariat Building. 

Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment, Natural Capital Seminar Series

January 22, 2014 to March 12, 2014
Oxford, England

This seminar series (held weekly on Wednesday’s) will synthesize the large (but scattered) existing information about the value of ecosystem services and natural capital and present it in a form useful for ecologists, economists, policy makers, and the general public. It will also be helpful in valuing natural capital in 'green' national accounting systems which are currently being proposed in many countries. Open to all.