Around the world, activities and news about natural capital accounting is on the rise. Here we feature a collection of the latest stories, publications and multimedia content related to our sector.

Policy Forum
Forum on Natural Capital Accounting for Better Policy
The aim of the forum is to share, explore and synthesize the experiences of countries that have been producing and using NCA. All policy forum materials are available.
Natural Capital Stories
Natural Capital Accounting and Policy
New briefs demonstrate the progress of five WAVES countries in translating NCA into policy, and also look at three thematic areas: forests, water and energy.
Realising the value of accounting for the forests of the Victorian Central Highlands, Australia
Accounts highlight the benefits from plantations and natural forests, to inform forest management policies.

Partner Countries

WAVES is a global partnership with collaboration among different actors at global, national and subnational levels. The major categories of engagement in the WAVES Global Partnership are: core implementing countries (highlighted on map), contributing donor partners,  and participating partners.

Country mapPhilippinesRwandaMadagascarIndonesiaGuatemalaCosta RicaColombiaBotswana

In Depth

The latest reports and studies highlighting natural capital accounting.

Technical Report
The SEEA-EEA carbon account for the Netherlands
The account was developed to allow for a consistent and quantitative comparison of carbon stocks and flows.
Technical Report
A Quantitative Assessment of Strategies to Achieve the Sustainable Development Goals - An Application to Guatemala
This paper applies the the Integrated Economic-Environmental Modelling platform.
Forum on Natural Capital Accounting for Better Policy Decisions
Case studies that take stock of NCA, how it engages decision makers, and how it improves policy.